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Hello! I am Taikhum Sadiq. I am a 22 year old archaeology student and an avid traveler. I write to live and live to eat. I am currently too young to state any of my achievements but am an avid reader as well as a budding poet. I love tasting different cuisines from around India and am a huge Real Madrid fan (football for the uninitiated). I love listening to music and Queen is one of my favorite bands. I love calligraphy and sketching and usually use my free time to write, read, or sketch. That all I have achieved up till now, and let see what the future holds. Thank you!

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9 Helpful Tips For Choosing an Ostomy Skin Barrier

Posted on Jul 04, 2019 by Taikhum Sadiq

Ostomy skin barriers are an integral part of any ostomy two-piece system. Their efficiency and compatibility with the pouch help to ensure the user a safe and confident experience. One has to consider a few things with respect to the stoma, the output levels, and the bag one uses. We have listed points you should consider before choosing an ostomy skin barrier.

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What is an Ostomy?

Posted on Nov 26, 2019 by Taikhum Sadiq

Creating an opening in the body for the discharge of body wastes by removing some part of intestines or bladder is called ostomy. At Ostomysupplies we help you to deal with various types of ostomies.

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How to Prepare for an Ostomy Surgery?

Posted on Oct 28, 2020 by Taikhum Sadiq

Preparing for an ostomy surgery is as important as managing an ostomy and if you are well prepared for your ostomy surgery, managing it also becomes comfortable. At Shop Ostomy Supplies we have a wide range of products that help in preparing for an ostomy as well as managing an ostomy.

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